Regarder les lumières s'éteindre

« I have Alzheimer’s disease.

I’ve probably had it for about two years, but it’s still pretty early in the illness.  Most other people don’t notice my illness yet, although my memory is starting to move from a normal “bad memory” that lots of older people have to an abnormal “there’s-something-wrong-with-his-memory.”  I don’t feel abnormal, at least not yet.  But, in addition to the memory problem, I’m certainly slowing down.  As a retired physician who has seen his share of mentally declining patients, I know what’s most likely in store as the disease gets worse: A long, progressive mental decline (to the point, for instance, where I don’t recognize my family), nursing home care, and early death from complications of the disease. »

David Hilfiker, un médecin à la retraite, raconte le début de sa maladie. Poignant.